Laundrette's mission

Most people are not enjoying store-bought detergent smell. If often smells cheap and organic ones have not scent at all. 

With Laundrette, you enjoy your personalised real perfume smell.

Laundrettte erases unpleasant sport clothes smell and you can enjoy your favourite sport gears for longer.  

While choosing a natural scent-free detergent, you still have a unique scent. 
When using Laundrette, you create a sense of wellbeing around you, specially in your home, 
because Laundrette is your smell of home and happiness. 
We want to make your laundry a pleasure!
We also seek to do it in the most environmentally friendly way we can – by using refillable containers and pure, concentrated scents that smell wonderful.

This is just the beginning of a revolution in laundry…