FAQ - Laundrette

Why do I need a laundry fragrance?

Free of nasties, with hypoallergenic and antibacterial options, our laundry fragrances have been developed with you and your loved ones in mind. They each represent the smell of home and happiness. Read more.

Why skip softener and buy a special laundry fragrance?

Your fabric softener may contain phthalates, which disperse the scent; synthetic musks such as galaxolide, which accumulate in the body; and much more. Read more.

What are your ingredients? 

We aim to create the most gorgeous, kindest products and so you know what we’re using to make them, here is a complete list of ingredients and exactly what they are… Read more

Where exactly do I put my Laundrette fragrance?

Your Laundrette fragrance goes in the drawer where you would usually put your fabric softener – if you’re not sure which space that is, please refer to your machine’s owner’s manual or look for the symbols shown opposite, which are well-known signs for fabric conditioner.

How long will the fragrance last on my linens?

Your Laundrette fragrances will generally last from 3 days to 7 days. However, linens stored in a wardrobe or drawer will retain a beautifully mild scent for several weeks.

Do you also sell fragrance free detergent and softener?

At present we don’t, but we plan to expand our range in the near future, so keep visiting our site to keep up to date with news – or better still, please share your email (we won’t share it with anyone else, don’t worry!) and we’ll let you know about all of our exciting developments and offers.

What if I still want to use fabric softener – where do I add the Laundrette fragrance then?

That’s fine with us! We do advise you to use scent-free softener though. Simply add your Laundrette fragrance and softener together, to enjoy wonderfully scented and soft clothes.

How can I get my bottle refilled?

We appreciate your desire to consume less – it’s one of our values too and we’re working on our refillable packaging at the moment. Soon, you’ll be able to order refills on our website, as well as the regularly packaged fragrances. Made of recycled material, refills will be available in  60ml, 150ml, 500ml  sizes. 

What are your shipping and delivery charges?

Delivery charges will vary slightly according to location – you’ll be able to see the exact amount when you place your order. But for orders over AED 250 in value, we’ll deliver to you completely free of charge. 

How long will be order take to reach me?

For our customers in the Middle East, it typically takes 3-7 working days for delivery; and 5-12 working days for deliveries in other regions We appreciate your patience and will work on improving the speed of our delivery!