"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"

- Coco Chanel


An intoxicating blend of amber, oud and rose, this fragrance is designed to intelligently capture life’s special moments. A scent to be remembered by, whether it’s a little black dress, your favourite lace or a cosy afternoon by the fireplace. Laundrette Delicate takes care of the scent memory, the rest is up to you... 

Recommended use: lingerie, silk, wool, special fabrics (handwash) and / or any other delicate or fine fabrics.


Notes of rose, amber and oud – a treat for your fine fabrics and lingerie.

Choose from three sizes (24, 60 and 200 loads), each giving you many divine loads of laundry. And you don’t forget to recycle your bottle when finished!

Protip: Add a pipette of Laundrette to wash your throws, pillows or table linens before that romantic dinner or movie night.               

How to use Laundrette?