With good BASICs, the options are endless ...


With good basics in life, there are endless options... This scent has floral touches, defused by amber and woody notes, so it remains unisex and the perfect fragrance for your everyday wear. Delicate, simple and intelligent, Laundrette Basic will work for every member of the household, every day. 

Perfect for cotton basics – from tee shirts, shirts, dresses and jeans to lounge wear and school uniform.


Notes of Jasmine, white floral, rose, violet, sandalwood, amber and musk – beautifully balanced.

Choose from three sizes (24, 60 and 200 loads), each giving you many divine loads of laundry. And don’t forget to recycle your bottle when finished!

Protip: Add a pipette of Laundrette to your floor cleaner to bring this well rounded fragrance to the rest of your house, make it personal.

How to use Laundrette?