“Like stars are to the sky, so are the children to our world. They deserve to shine!” 


Sugar and spice and all things nice… Baby is a sweet powdery scent, perfectly gentle for your little one’s sensitive skin. Made of cotton candy and madagascar vanilla, this subtle fragrance is calming and balancing to the sense. Hypoallergenic, Baby will bring you and your loved ones joy. 

Perfect for baby clothes and linen, swaddlers, lounge wear, towels and everyday cottons.


Notes of Vanilla, sugar, musk and tonka – gentle and sweet, for little ones and the bigger ones too…

Choose from three sizes (24, 60 and 200 loads), each giving you many divine loads of laundry. And you don’t forget to recycle your bottle when finished.                    

Protip: Wash all baby's linens, like curtains, blankets, carpets to make a sweet welcome to your little one's environment.

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