Frequently asked questions

Q:How do I know how much Laundrette to add to my wash cycle and where do I add it?

A: Both our full bottles and starter kit comes with a 3ml dropper. Measure two thirds a dropper, two times over and add it to the small compartment where you would place a fabric softener.

Q: Can I use a scented detergent with my Laundrette fragrances?

A: Yes you can, but for best results, we recommend using an unscented laundry detergent such as ecover, Earth's Best, 7th Generation or similar. It also limits the amount of allergens and toxins you expose your skin and environment too as standard detergents tends to have a lot of unnecessary allergens in them.

Q: Can I use fabric softener with my Laundrette fragrances?

A: Yes you can but you don't really need to. Fabric softeners consists of 95% water and contribute to insane amounts of pollution due to the sheer volume of plastic it consumes to store. It also does not do much for your clothes and the remaining 5% of the softener contains a lot of allergens and unnecessary toxins you could otherwise avoid. If you still don't want to skip it, there are some good alternatives like Ecover unscented fabric softener, among others. Those variants would get you a better result with your Laundrette fragrances.