Good things come to those who sweat

Good things come to those who sweat! Laundrette’s fresh scent, Sport, is for those who live an active life. A unisex fragrance, with a masculine note of amber to balance the fresh florals, Sport will add power to any workout routine or simply when you need a little extra energy in your life. Give your workout clothes a boost with this wonderfully fresh long-lasting scent.

Perfect for your sports clothes, active wear, shoes and jackets.


Notes of bergamot, lilac floral, amber, sugar, vanilla and oud – perfectly fresh for your sports kit. 

Choose from three sizes (24, 60 and 200 loads), each giving you many divine loads of laundry. And you don’t forget to recycle your bottle when finished!                     

Protip: feeling down? Add a bit of Sport to your floor wash to mop away your mood, we promise you the entire house gets a fresh vibe.
How to use Laundrette?