Laundrette's story

Once upon a time, not too long ago, a woman came to a foreign desert land. She brought from Paris her husband and a white Persian cat.

 Her entrepreneurial spirit and her admiration for the art of fragrances gave her the idea to launch Laundrette.

Seeking to make laundry a pleasurable, even luxurious experience, with that feeling of crisp, freshness further enhanced by a beautiful, long-lasting fragrance, whilst being respectful to the environment, Katia got her nose in gear and set about producing a range of scents made from the finest ingredients that are a delight to the senses.

But this is just the beginning – watch this space for news of detergents and other cleaning products that you’ll love to use in the future.

And so a revolution begins…


Growing up in a country that witnessed a major shift in values – from communist to capitalist – Katerina (Katia) became increasingly interested in the customer experience and ultimately, human behaviour.

By working closely with people and trying to understand their needs, and the choices they made, her interest grew and led her to complete her Masters in Behavioural Economics. The other hobby of hers is the greatest secrets of perfumery. 

Katia moved to the Middle East in 2019 from Paris, where her entrepreneurial spirit got inspired by the world of oriental perfumes and she puts her hands on creating something different and, after lots of research and brainstorming, the luxury brand, Laundrette was born.